Dear Bloggers,

Holaaa! Yesterday, Coy and I did a photoshoot of the Faddy's at the OC Fair. It was the most challenging one for me. Thank you to the Faddy's for letting me practice on them.  I'm still learning how to use my Canon T4i, especially using manual setting. I've been reading the manual more than reading my finance class books. Oops.

This photo session was soo fun and I"m excited to show a few. We ended up leaving the fair with 1000+ photos! I can only show a few. =\ Happy early first birthday, Aldren! You are growing up to be a handsome baby boy! Aldren's parents are too fun! I told them to look at Aldren and act candid.. and they acted.. overacting though. Hahaha I love it though.

Again, if I had photoshop.. I would crop and take all the people in the background off. LOL one day, I'll get there.

Thank you to Coy, my bae-ssistant (lolol ate Michelle made it up), for taking some of the pictures and carrying all of our stuff. Also for pushing the stroller even while you had a fever!

I hope you all enjoyed these pictures! Aren't they cuties??

'til next time,



Dear Bloggers,

Hiii, again! =) I wasn't going to post pictures of DenLey's maternity photoshoot until later, but I figure.. why not? I haven't posted in awhile, anyhow. Part of the pictures were taken at the Laguna Coast Wilderness Park.  When we arrived, the park was closed already. But luckily, the gate was open and we took a risk. We were kicked out within 10 minutes of the shoot by a police officer. LOL We decided to find the nearest spot. Since DenLey's baby is due this coming Fall, I was going for a fall look.  I didn't get that at the second location, but I love all the props the soon-to-be-mother brought. I can't wait for Dylan to be born and I hope to see him when he pops out! Hah! Thank you guys for letting me try something new! I love you guys!

 photo IMG_5323.jpg
 photo IMG_5353.jpg
 photo IMG_5378.jpg
 photo IMG_5385.jpg
 photo IMG_5395.jpg
 photo IMG_5429.jpg
 photo IMG_5445.jpg
 photo IMG_5509.jpg
 photo IMG_5526.jpg
 photo IMG_5560.jpg
 photo IMG_5563.jpg
 photo IMG_5588.jpg photo IMG_5601.jpg
 photo IMG_5592.jpg
 photo IMG_5597.jpg
 photo IMG_5693.jpg photo IMG_5701.jpg

I love that some of these pictures show Kuya Denmark's personality; goofy! I hope you all enjoyed the pictures as much as I enjoyed taking them. I have so much more pictures to show, but I'm' falling asleep. Work tomorrow morning. =\ P.S. - I looove the way they look at each other. None of it was staged! LOVE LOVE. Goodnight, everyone!

'til next time,



Dear Bloggers,

Months ago, I went on vacation with my boyfriend and two friends! Originally, it was supposed to be only my boyfriend and I to celebrate our anniversary and get out of town!  But later found out my friend and her boyfriend were going to be in Seattle the same weekend we were. The first night was just us two and we decided to have a nice dinner.  One regret on this vacation: bringing one lens for my Canon. =(

Our hotel was walking distance to some eats and the Space Needle! Commonly seen in the show, Grey's Anatomy. =D

'til next time,



Dear Bloggers,

There are two things I love and definitely can't live without.  1) Milo 2) Fresh flowers  =D

Milo is my favooorite dog and I was introduced to his breed by my boyfriend. We saw one at a pet store a very long time ago and I instantly fell in love.  I was still in college and jobless, so I didn't buy the corgi at the pet store.  But some time in 2008, I was given a corgi by my roommate's sister! The previous owner couldn't take care of her corgi anymore and gave her corgi to me. I named him, Petey.  I got that name from the famous actress, Kaley Cuoco.  I was obsessed with Kaley Cuoco because of her role in the hit show "8 Simple Rules."  Anyway, her pet's name in real life is Petey and I copied her!

I fell in love with Petey, but you could tell that he missed his previous owner and wasn't interested in getting to know me right away.  After a few weeks, Petey learned that I was his new owner and he was getting used to my family.  My whole family was in love with Petey, too.  Unfortunately, the previous owner wanted Petey back and took him away from me. =( I knew it was too good to be true to finally have my dream dog.

But having an extra dog in the house wasn't as bad as I expected, so I searched and looked for a corgi. Orange County, Los Angeles, and San Diego were the spots I looked around and the corgis were over $1000+.  I found one a little bit close to Fresno and Milo was $500.  He was my birthday present to myself and MY GOODNESS.  The best $500 I have ever spent in my entire life.  Probably the biggest purchase I've made in my entire life.. as a 21 year old. Haha!

Milo and I click so well.  Everyone tells me he acts like me. Which is a very bad thing, because I tend to be extremely hyper and lazy at the same time.  Anyways, Milo is my favooorite dog and if I could do a photo shoot of him every day then I would! I don't dress him up as much as I used to, but someday I will make a Milo calendar. =)

'til next time,



Dear Bloggers,

I'm baaackkk! After two months, I think I should update. But first, I want to show pictures of my latest get together with some of my closest friends at San Diego Zoo for the kids' birthday celebration.  The thing about my relationship with my friends is that distance doesn't mean a thing. I got half of my friends up north, some in central California, and I'm alone in SoCal. =X No matter how far we live from each other, we start our get togethers where we last left off.  Either from the last time we hung out or from our last group text message topic.  Thankful for technology!  But anyway, here's some awesome pictures of the cutest kids at SD Zoo.

'til next time,