Dear Bloggers,

Ahhh. This Star Wars Rebel Challenge weekend has, by far, topped all my 2015 weekends.  My close friend, ate Liz, gave birth end of November and she told Coy and I that she had a dilemma.  Liz wasn't looking forward to doing both the 10K and the half marathon.  For some reason, I offered to do the 10K and she would do the half marathon.  After leaving her house, I asked Coy what did I get myself into?  Lol Funny thing is we told each other we would go to the gym and train together.  Little did we realize, the event was happening in less than two weeks. Haha! What's even funnier is that we saw our friends, Russ & Cara, at the registration two days before the event. (Click on that link, they're professional photographers! Hehe)

What did I do to train, you ask?  Nothing. I did nothing. =) I walked my dog more than normal though, but I didn't run or jog with my dog.  I was being conceited and told myself I've done a 5K before, I could do a 10K.  Then comes the morning of the event.  I dreaded this day, yet I was pumped once I got to Disneyland.  My app on my phone, FIT Radio, got me pumped up. Hahaha My friend's bib said I could be in Wave B, but I chose to go to the last wave.  My main goal was to finish and get the medal.  3-2-1, GO!  I jogged the first 5K, then I walked, then jogged, and I did it!  My time was 1:27! (I think.)  It was so fun, such an amazing experience. It was great. My boyfriend waited for me at the finish line and we went to Roscoe's Chicken Waffles after to celebrate.  

Later that night, it was my friend's birthday dinner at this fancy restaurant. (Happy birthday again, Trinity!) I had to give the bib back to Ate Liz because the half marathon was the morning after.  Thirty minutes later, Coy and I are fighting for the half marathon bib. LOL I convinced Coy to let me do it, since I've never done one before. Hahaha So yes, how did I train for this half marathon?  Nothing. I did nothing. I ate a lot... yesss, that's the norm though. 

Sunday morning, I catch up with Christy and I sneak into Wave A with her.  Mind you, this girl is an avid runner.  I warned her to go ahead and leave me because I was not ready.  She stayed with me the entire 3:30!  (Thanks again, Christy!) I think by Mile 8, my left foot was hurting. Christy told me to baby jog, so I tried and would last 5 seconds of trying. The sight of the sign "Mile 12" was the best thing I've read all year.. I mean, where the heck was Mile 12 during Mile 8? Gahhh, but did I die?! Bwahaha. No. I jogged the last .1 mile with Christy and I don't know how to describe that feeling.  It was.. nice and joyous. 

At the end of the finish line, I saw the First Aid section and I asked them to put ice around my legs. Lol I was limping and I couldn't wait to elevate my legs at home.  Coy called me and said he was waiting for me inside the event finish line.  I saw him and I tried holding back my tears, but I cried. I kept hugging him because I didn't want him to see my tears. Soo.. that was a long hug.  Hahaha I felt so happy, thankful, and I felt soo sore. Haha Coy and I went to our favorite spot to eat Banh Mi in Costa Mesa to celebrate the run.

This was the best weekend of 2015 and I thank you, Ate Liz, for letting me do this!  Thanks for having baby Noah and not being able to run this challenge. Haha just kidding. And thank you to all my friends who convinced me to do the half.  Thanks to the other friends, aka Tony, for calling me a wimp which forced me to prove you wrong! I love you anyway, hahaha. Am I going to do this again?  Yes, yes I am. =)

A BIG shoutout to my boyfriend for driving me at 4AM each day, parking, walking with me to the start line, going back to the car in the parking lot to go back to sleep, and then taking me out to breakfast/lunch. Best boyfriend award goes to... that guy next to me. <3 br="">
'til next time,



Dear Bloggers,

Three more days until... it's February!  I officially made my New Year's resolution list.  It's been printed, laminated, and memorized.

1. Be happy. Stay happy!
2. Laugh a little. Laugh a lot.  Laugh it off!
3. Smile.

&& that's it.  I'm joking.  I will never share my  resolutions in public, but these could be the top three.

I'm looking at my calendar to see when I'll have some free time to knock off a hike I've been wanting to do or to clean my room from top to bottom, yet I don't see a free weekend in my calendar(s).  Not until June, that is.  Haha

Yep, that's Milo.  He's running towards my new Sigma 30mm 1.4 lens and I'm rushing to take a good picture of it.  I don't care if it's blurry, he looks adorable.

The first weekend of this month, I went to San Francisco with my family.  I wasn't looking forward to it because I hate long car rides, but it was worth it!  I got to spend time with my parents and my sister.  Not only that, but I got to stop by my best friend's house and hang out at her house for a bit.  On the way down from SF, we stopped by my Kuya's house and got to hang out with his entire family for dinner.  I got to see his baby, Dylan!

The most epic part of the trip was seeing Dylan.

Isn't he the cutest? I love him so much.  I can't explain it.  I hope everyone has had a great first month of 2015 as much as I have!

'til next time,



Dear Bloggers,

HOLA! Belated happy Halloween, happy Thanksgiving, merry Christmas, and a happy new year! I told myself I would blog more this year, but after one hour of 2015, my family and I lost our dear Jordan. Jordan passing was unexpected and I didn't know how to cope except to cry and talk it out.  I'm super thankful for all my friends and family who were there for me.

I never mentioned Jordan in this blog yet, but Jordan is my first family dog and we've had her since she was two months old.  At the time I met Jordan, my family and I started moving into the new house. What better way than to start this new home with a new dog. So of course, Jordan became part of the family and when I say became part of the family, I mean she had a spot in our holiday pictures.  This house definitely didn't feel like a home anymore the next morning, but I'm content that Jordan had a long and happy life.

Until one has loved an animal,
a part of one's soul remains unawakened.
-Anatole France

Today we received Jordan's ashes with a clay paw print in memory of her.

I taught her everything she knows... except for the bad stuff, of course!  Here's some pictures of Jordan from my camera phone starting from 2009 (because before 2009, I think I had disposable cameras.. hahaha).

I'm sure I have more and more pictures of Jordan.  I hope you all enjoyed these pictures of her! My sweet, sweet Jordan! Rest in Paradise, Jordan.

'til next time,



Dear Bloggers,

Ahh... hello! It's almost been two months since I've posted. I'm so busy! Not so busy... just busy being lazy. Haha! Last month, my best friend and her fiance had her wedding shower. Thank you to all of the bridesmaids,groomsmen, friends, and family of the couple for making this event happen!!  I am soo excited for their wedding! From the musical chairs game to the 'pass the cucumber' game, I hope everyone had a great time! I'm a horrible maid of honor because I couldn't get the groom to take a picture with the bride. Haha! Here's a couple pictures of the food and decor.

'til next time,



Dear Bloggers,

Holaaa! Yesterday, Coy and I did a photoshoot of the Faddy's at the OC Fair. It was the most challenging one for me. Thank you to the Faddy's for letting me practice on them.  I'm still learning how to use my Canon T4i, especially using manual setting. I've been reading the manual more than reading my finance class books. Oops.

This photo session was soo fun and I"m excited to show a few. We ended up leaving the fair with 1000+ photos! I can only show a few. =\ Happy early first birthday, Aldren! You are growing up to be a handsome baby boy! Aldren's parents are too fun! I told them to look at Aldren and act candid.. and they acted.. overacting though. Hahaha I love it though.

Again, if I had photoshop.. I would crop and take all the people in the background off. LOL one day, I'll get there.

Thank you to Coy, my bae-ssistant (lolol ate Michelle made it up), for taking some of the pictures and carrying all of our stuff. Also for pushing the stroller even while you had a fever!

I hope you all enjoyed these pictures! Aren't they cuties??

'til next time,